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Mountain recreation for the whole family
If you want to spend your time on holiday, then you just us
Our guests at the dinner
After the mountains, very hungry. And our guests are no exception
Yurt Camp
Double beds
Cleane and comfortable rooms
Ala-Kul Lake


The gorge Altyn-Arashan is located at an altitude of 3000 m, on the shore of a mountain river Arashan. This place is a paradise for those who long for the pure mountain air, beautiful nature and invigorating coolness. A feature of the Altyn -Arashan are numerous hot springs, which burst out of the ground all year round, have healing properties for many diseases.

Among this beauty is our guest house, "Ala-Kul". The house has 6 rooms, equipped with heating, hot water, shower, satellite phone. Near the house, there is a Kyrgyz yurt, where everything is furnished in compliance with the customs of the nomadic people. You can take a walk on horseback, try national food and drink, spend the night in a yurt - all so that you can feel like a nomad!

Also, from our house, you can make horse riding and hike in the Lakes Ala Kul, Suuk Tor, Anyr Tor and Sharkyratma waterfall.